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Specials for August/September 2011

These specials have expired. For current specials, please select "Specials" from the menu.

New model Song Meter SM2BAT 384kHz ultrasonic bat detector / recorder

We now have stocks of this high frequency version of the popular SM2BAT detector. The SM2 family will record everything from whales through frogs and birds to insects and bats! Full spectrum recording, preserving amplitude and harmonic information. Records for 100’s of hours automatically. Small, light, weatherproof, power frugal and affordable. SongScope bio-acoustics software also available.
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SM2 TAP (Terrestrial Audio Package) $865.00 + GST
SM2BAT 192kHz (Stereo) $1150.00 + GST
SM2BAT 384kHz (mono) $1150.00 + GST
Song Scope Bio-acoustic Software $450.00 + GST with any Song Meter purchase.

Song Meter SM1 digital audio recorder

Superseded model Song Meter. SM1 has fixed mics and two SD slots only. Otherwise similar in performance to current model SM2 TAP, at greatly reduced price of just $710.00 + GST

Sanyo Eneloop Low Discharge AA Batteries

Rechargeable batteries that can be charged up to 1500 times. While normal rechargable batteries lose their charge over time, Sanyo's Eneloop technology enables these batteries to keep 85% of their charge over 1 year. An excellent choice for trail cameras and other field equipment.
Set of 8 $36.00 + GST
Set of 12 $54.00 + GST
Enquire about bulk discounts

Imedion Low Self-discharge D Batteries

These rechargable 11,000 mAh NiMH last up to twice as long as ordinary rechargable batteries. Designed to operate in extreme conditions, they can be recharged from 500 to 1000 times, whilst retaining high capacity.
An excellent choice for the SongMeter Digital recorders

Set of 4 D Cells $77.00 + GST

SDHC Memory Cards

Certified SanDisk or Lexar std or high definition memory cards.

SanDisk or Lexar
2GB $10.00 + GST    4GB SDHC $13.00 + GST    8GB SDHC $23.00 + GST

High Definition SanDisk or Lexar
4GB SDHC $17.00 + GST        8GB SDHC $32.00 + GST
16GB SDHC $57.00 + GST    32GB SDHC $120.00 + GST

Ex Rental Scoutguard SG550V

  • 5 megapixels
  • Remote control menu and viewing screen
  • 1.2 seconds shutter trigger time, long battery life
  • infra red flash
  • video mode or still photo mode
  • Excellent condition
  • Limited warranty

  • Normally $290.00 + GST Now only $240.00 + GST
    Hurry! Limited stock.

Camera Mount Bracket

Provides superior pan & tilt adjustment for most models of trail cameras. Ideal for attaching to posts or trees. Die cast metal which can easily be painted if required. Enquire about our custom camo painting service.
Suitable for base mount, or rear mount with additional right angle adaptor.

$20.00 + GST. Right angle adaptor $10.00 + GST
Hurry! Limited stock.


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