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Welcome to Faunatech Austbat

We take pride in designing and building the very best quality of wildlife research equipment. Our product range includes:

  • automated wildlife surveillance systems
  • microbat harptraps
  • hair funnel traps
  • radio telemetry equipment
  • general survey devices

It is our aim to develop a strong working relationship with our customers, working closely, right from the programme design phase, through to equipment selection or development, then followed up by an ongoing high level of support.

After browsing our site, please feel free to contact us in any way that you prefer, be that via email, fax, telephone or in person at our Mount Taylor facility outside Bairnsdale, Victoria.

BuckEye Cam surveillance camera captures rare Spot-tailed Quoll in Grampians National Park.

A Faunatech supplied and configured BuckEye Cam Orion camera has snapped unmistakeable footage of the rare and elusive Spot-tailed Quoll in the Grampians / Gariwerd National Park in Western Victoria.

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Tiger Quoll

New Release

Song Meter SMZC - Lightweight. Affordable. Weatherproof.

The new Song Meter SMZC is designed for biologists in need of a lightweight, long-lasting zero crossing bioacoustics recorder. The SMZC houses some of the best features of our top-of-the-line Song Meter SM3 in a compact, zero crossing recorder. Itís weatherproof, energy efficient and budget friendly.

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Song Meter SMZC

Now Available

Echo Meter Touch - Bat dectection and analysis for your iOS devices.

The Echo Meter Touch has all the tools you need to identify species in the field: Stunning, full color, zoomable spectrograms. Ability to listen to bats in real time with unparalleled fidelity. Recordings that match detectors costing thousands of dollars more.

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Echo Meter Touch

Now Available

3rd generation Song Meter Platform. A breakthrough in wildlife recording technology.

We are pleased to introduce the next generation of Song Meter bioacoustics recorders- technologically advanced, easy-to-use recorders for the periodic, seasonal or ongoing acoustic monitoring of bats, birds, frogs and other wildlife in any field condition.

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New Release

Reconyx UltraFire

We have the Reconyx XR6 and WR6 UltraFire cameras available for immediate dispatch.The Ultrafires are smaller yet feature new and improved functionality.

Reconyx XR6

Photo courtesy of Dr Rodney van der Ree
Cheeky Cockatoo trialling our possum rope bridge camera sensor

Photo courtesy of Dr Lindy Lumsden
Hippersiderous ater caught in an Austbat Harp Trap


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