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What does Faunatech know about surveillance cameras?

Faunatech has been designing, building and deploying state of the art wildlife surveillance cameras for over 15 years. Our first models were based on 35mm film cameras, well before the advent of the digital camera revolution. Likewise, our early video systems were VHS tape based developments. Click here to find out more.

BuckEye Cam Wireless

Reconyx Security

Reconyx Trail

Reconyx Professional

The BuckEye Cam range offers advanced functionality and wireless capability, with the option of remote viewing and email of images over the internet.Read more...

The Reconyx Security Series Cameras share many features of the standard Reconyx range with specific additional enhancements designed for security and law enforcement applications. Read more...

The Reconyx is recognized as an industry leading trail camera featuring very fast trigger speeds, an impressive burst mode, high efficiency and dependable operation. Read more...

The Reconyx HyperFire Pro Series, the next generation in Wildlife Study.Read more...

Scout Guard

Camera Accessories


Specialty Camera Applications

The FaunaFocus wildlife surveillance camera has been designed from the ground up for remote and extended fauna surveillance programs.While packed with features, it is user-friendly for the operator. Read more...

We stock a large range of camera accessories including SD cards, batteries, chargers, security devices, mounts and viewing screens. Read more...

The surveillance systems described above are generally triggered by our specially designed movement sensors. Read more...

We have designed our rope bridge surveillance system to monitor the effectiveness of arboreal fauna crossings. Read more...

Nest & Burrow Cameras

The observation of hollow dwelling fauna presents particular challenges to the wildlife researcher.

Faunatech offers the following optic fibre and video based inspection tools to meet these challenges. Hybrid (optic/video) systems can be built up to suit particular tasks- please feel free to consult us to discuss.

Nest View Cameras

Optic Fibre Burrowscopes

Video Burrowscopes

Snake Eye Cameras

This apparatus allows fast and safe inspection of nests, tree hollows and nest boxes, up to 8.5 metres above the ground.The infra-red head camera is tilt adjustable and includes a microphone. Read more...

Faunatech has added a range of professional quality Optic Fibre burrowscopes to its range of field surveillance equipment. Read more...

Faunatech has added a range of professional quality Video burrowscopes to its range of field surveillance equipment. Read more...

Our Snake Eye III Remote Video Inspection Tool is a field portable viewer / recorder suitable for nest boxes and larger hollows. Read more...


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