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Car Towers

Transmitter Tags

We have designed and refined our telemetry antenna towers over time - the result is a receiving station that is: easy and safe to erect and operate; built to last the rigours of extended field operation. Read more...

Our vehicle telemetry tower is designed to mount onto a range of vehicle sizes and styles, via standard roof rack or roof bar types. It is very quick and easy to erect. Read more...

We use experience gained working in the field with a wide variety of fauna types over the years, to produce packages that are considered far more ergonomic and robust than many of the alternatives. Read more...

GPS Dataloggers

Telemetry Receivers and Antennae

With our association with CellGuide we are now able to offer the wildlife research community a truly remarkable and accurate GPS datalogger. Read more...

We act as agents for a number of receiver manufacturers. Having gathered field experience with many brands and models, we are in a position to offer unbiased advice to customers purchasing receivers. Read more...


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