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BuckEye Cam surveillance camera captures rare Spot-tailed Quoll

A Faunatech supplied and configured BuckEye Cam Orion camera has snapped unmistakeable footage of the rare and elusive Spot-tailed Quoll in the Grampians / Gariwerd National Park in Western Victoria. This is the first Quoll record in the Grampians in 141 years.

Ironically, the camera was deployed in an effort to record Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby presence, another highly threatened mammal species for the State. The Spot-tailed Quoll (aka Tiger Quoll) was once widespread and relatively common throughout South-eastern mainland Australia. Its range and population density have contracted considerably, and is now listed as endangered in Victoria.

The rugged and remote nature of the Grampians presents many challenges to successful wildlife camera deployment in general, and particularly so for Quoll and Rock Wallaby. Ryan Duffy, Parks Victoria Ranger for the Grampians NP contacted our camera system experts re equipment recommendation. Clearly the job dictated the need for a high-end, highly dependable and rapid firing camera system. Importantly, a self contained system, capable of long term unattended operation would greatly increase field operation time while significantly reducing staff effort and costing over the life of the project.

We created a hub and spoke style wireless cluster of cameras, whereby each of the satellite cameras remains undisturbed at sites likely to encounter elusive species. We programmed each of these satellite cameras to transmit resultant images wirelessly to a conveniently located central base unit. The advantages of this approach are threefold- firstly it reduces human presence at the site of interest (particularly scent), secondly it requires visiting just a single point to retrieve all images, and thirdly it allows the inclusion of very difficult to access sites, where frequent access would be highly impractical and costly (eg. on cliff faces).

Faunatech has supplied many custom designed Buckeye Cam Orion and X-Series systems for a range of important wildlife research programs. Frequently these feature image transmission right back to home base via Telstra Next G. We have additionally designed a number of specialized peripherals to complement the marquee, including a range of external sensor options.

Please feel free to contact Faunatech to discuss your wildlife surveillance camera needs, whether that be for a single trail camera, right through to sophisticated and integrated surveillance systems.

Faunatech- the Trail Camera experts!

Photo by Ryan Duffy
BuckEye Cam Orion wireless satellite camera set-up

Photo courtesy of Ryan Duffy
Spot-tailed Quoll captured on the move


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